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Journey into Milk Test

As we are truly committing to improving our breeding program and maintaining the diary quality of the breed we have decided to participate in several of the performance programs offered by the breed registry. This year we start our herd of Nigerian Dwarf goats… Continue Reading “Journey into Milk Test”

The Ladies are producing again

With warmer weather and longer days, my ladies are starting to lay again. If you would like some Pasture Raised/Free Range, organic, non-gmo, soy and corn free eggs please email or fill out the form below to get on the wait list.¬† I will… Continue Reading “The Ladies are producing again”

Eggs Currently Unavailable

Sadly my ladies have become free loaders this time of year and we don’t like to force them to lay if their bodies tell them not to. Because of that, at this time I currently do not have any eggs for sale. Please check… Continue Reading “Eggs Currently Unavailable”