Come on in and sit for a spell!

Welcome to Cluckin’ Hay Acres Nigerian Dwarf Dairy Goats, We recently moved our farm to Puryear, TN in Henry County which is located in North Western TN just across the TN River above Paris, TN. After much searching and wanting to expand our farm with more land we found our dream property with 104 acres moving from our 5 acre home of 15 years in Chapel Hill, TN. It was quite an undertaking but we are very happy and hope to offer more services in the future from it.

We offer Nigerian Dwarf Goats for sale and we have been raising purebred registered Nigerian Dwarf Dairy Goats since 2016. With over 27 years animal husbandry experience raising horses I decided to switch to goats and we bought our first 3 Nigerians. I fell in love with the breed and have been building my herd slowly ever since. We strive to raise the best Nigerians we can and expect proven performance in the milk pail as well as the show ring.

On the production side we breed for minimal management. We strive for good production on just pasture and good mixed grass hay with minimal supplementation. Even though we also dam raise our kids we handle the kids heavily from birth so they are very friendly.

We will be participating in DHI milk testing and Linear Appraisals starting the spring of 2019 as that is something I wish to do for my girls and herd to make sure we are breeding appropriately towards our goals and breeding up in our program. As of 2021 all my breeding stock will have DNA on file and be parent verified including Does and this will continue going forward for all of my breeding animals.

Our herd of Nigerian Dwarf Goats has tested negative for CAE, Johnes, CL, QFever, and Brucellosis, and we will continue to test yearly. Latest Test was 01/21/2022, click links below to see test results.  

2019 Test Results Doc 1

2019 Test Results Doc 2 

2020 Test Results

2021 Test Results

We have settled on ADGA and AGS as our primary registrations and for performance programs. Any goat we have can also be registered with NDGA .  Please see our Sales Policy page for more details.

Here at Cluckin’ Hay we raise Pilgrim Geese as well and offer a small variety of other farm products for sale from time to time.

I am also beyond blessed to have a partner in life that stands by me while I pursue this dream of mine. He is also the person behind most anything that is built on our farm and a most gracious helper with the chores as well.

Please take a look around and check back with us often to see what we have for sale and as always thank you for joining us on this journey! We are also on FaceBook and Instagram(Search for @CluckinHay) if you wish to Like or Follow us.

If you have any questions in general about our farm we will be happy to answer them for you!

Mary Curtis, Owner