Breeding Schedule 2021

Contact us if you would like to get on our wait list. Reservations are free of charge and you will be contacted with first options to put down a deposit on the pairings kid. If interested in a reservation on a particular breeding please let us know when you contact us. You can click on the goats name in the below chart and it will take you to their individual page for more information about that particular goat.

Please note, breeding’s and prices are subject to change. See our Sales Policy page for more information on terms of sale and deposits.

FF= First Freshening, 2F = Second Freshening, 3F = Third Freshening, etc.


CluckinHay PyrrhaFairland Farm MF CobaltDoe- $450
Buck-Wethered $150
*Blue eyes possible
Due Date: 5/12/21
1 doeling reserved
CluckinHay Athena 2*MJesse’s Hill Waikikamukau *BDoe- $650
Buck- $500
*Polled possible, blue eyes possible
Due Date: 2/26/21
2 doelings reserved.
Duff Acres Gretel 1*MFairland Farm DM EdificationDoe- $500
Buck- will be wethered
3F, 1 doeling reserved
Due Date: 3/7/21
Tyger River’s PH Pandora 1*MFairland Farm DM EdificationDoe- $600
Buck- will be wethered
Due Date: 3/1/21
Bramblestone Cocoa PearlFairland Farm DM EdificationDoe- $450
Buck- will be wethered
Due Date: 3/4/21
CluckinHay Oh My GoddessFairland Farm DM EdificationDoe- $450
Buck- Wethered $150
Due Date: 4/29/21
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