Sales Policy / Payment Info

We take Cash and Cards via Square Invoicing

If you are purchasing any product(s) from Cluckin’ Hay Acres, we will assume that you have read and agree to the following Sales Policy.

Our Sales Policy is as Follows:

  • We sell animals that are healthy at the time of transfer. A purchaser has the right to a full Veterinary examination at his/her expense on any animals to be purchased before they leave here.
  • When the animals leave our farm, we are not responsible for the animals and cannot offer any guarantees. Any illness attributed to normal animal issues that require owner maintenance shall be handled by the new owner. Buyer care or lack of care WILL NOT warrant return of money, replacement of animals or costs the owner claims.
  • The risk of loss transfers to new owners once the animal leaves our farm.
  • We guarantee our goats are free of CAE, CL and Johnes at time of purchase and test results can be viewed on our About page. After time of purchase and once they leave our property we can not guarantee against diseases and it is owner responsibility to test for these.
  • We reserve the right to change our mind and retain any goat previously offered for sale prior to final sale. If that happens all deposits or money given will be refunded.
  • All goats are disbudded (dehorned) and depending on age had their hoofs trimmed. Males, unless sold as a buck, will be castrated (wethered) prior to sale.
  • Registration papers will not be issued with wethers as pets. If you want papers to show your wether, you must let us know and a $15 fee for registration papers will be added to your total.
  • All products that we offer for sale, we ourselves consume on a regular bases however if you are purchasing any farm products offered for sale, those products are consumed / taken at your own risk. All milk is sold as Pet food only (we do have a TN Feed License).

Hold Deposit

To hold the kid(s)/Goat you want, until weaning and pick up time, a deposit of half down is required.
Once a deposit is received, it is Non-Refundable if you do not go through with the sale for any reason. If anything were to happen to the kid(s)/Goat while in my care, deposit will be refunded.

The Remaining Balance is due upon Pickup.

All registerable Nigerians, minus wethers as stated above, come with ADGA applications or papers and can be registered with AGS/NDGA at your expense.

Pickup of Animals Sold

I will contact you with the date the animal is ready for pickup. Does and Wethers will be released when they are 12 weeks old, Bucks 8 weeks old. 

I will hold the purchased animal for one week after the original scheduled pickup date. After that time, a daily charge of $25 will be added to the purchase price or the animal may be offered to another buyer and any deposits are forfeited. In most cases, I will gladly work out pick up times to benefit the buyer especially if multiples are purchased.