Bramblestone Cocoa Pearl 1*M +EVE88

  • ADGA Registered
  • DOB: 06/07/2019
  • Height: 22 inches
  • Brown Eyes
  • Chocolate Buckskin minimal white
  • DNA on File
  • 4 Generation Pedigree Link
  • Sire: Bramblestone Keenan Quinn *B
    • G-S: CH Old Mountain Farm QuentinQuinn *B 
      • GG-S: SG Old Mountain Farm Stag ++B (LA:VEE 88)
        • GGG-S: Dawnland Tabby’s Maritimer ++B (LA:V+E 86)
        • GGG-D: Deldale Fawn *D 2*M (LA: EEEV 91)
      • GG-D: Old Mountain Farm Tianna Quinn 5*M
        • GGG-S: GCH/MCH Dawnland Tabby’s Halifax +B (LA:VEE 88)
        • GGG-D: SG Old Mountain Farm Brinna Quinn 3*D 3*M (LA:+VEV 87)
    • G-D: Buttin’ Heads Calligraphy *D 3*M (LA: +VEV86)
      • GG-S: Dragonfly HLJ Calvary *S
        • GGG-S: Dragonfly HFX Hallelujah
        • GGG-D: SG ARMCH Flat Rocks Here For The Party *D (LA: EEEV 91)
      • GG-D: GCH Buttin’Heads Paperclip 2*M (LA: VEEE 91) (National Champ:: ADGA GCH Senior Doe ’12)
        • GGG-S: Buttin’Heads Pajamers ++B
        • GGG-D: GCH Buttin’Heads Zipper Pea 1*M (LA:VVEE 90)
  • Dam: CU AT LIL’RED BARN Pearl (LA: VVVV 88)
    • G-S: Wood Bridge Farm Winter Storm (LA: +EE 87)
      • GG-S: CH Atwood Acres GR Jackpot
        • GGG-S:CH Promisedland CP Gold Rush (LA:VEE 89)
        • GGG-D: Caesar’s Villa STS Bridget
      • GG-D: SGCH Wood Bridge Farm Too Love Potion# 9 (LA:VVVE 88)
        • GGG-S: NC Promisedland Palbo Abednego *B (LA: VVE 88)
        • GGG-D: Legacy’s MS Miss Congeniality
    • G-D: GCH CU AT LIL’RED BARN Abby 1*M *D (LA:EEEE 91)
      • GG-S: MI Sugarcreek WM Yogi +*B
        • GGG-S: MI Sugarcreek Wager On Me ++B (LA:VEE 88)
        • GGG-D: MI Sugarcreek VLWindstorm 3*M
      • GG-D: Old Mountain Farm Lena Horn
        • GGG-S: Old Mountain Farm Dan Seur *S
        • GGG-D: SG Old Mountain Farm Mary Jane 2*M (LA: VEVV 88)

Link to Extended Pedigree:

Award/Achievements History:

Reserve Grand Champion Dickson Co Fair- 2022

Breeding History:

1st Freshening – 1 buck – 3/5/2021 Sired by Fairland Farm DM Edification

2F – 2 Does, 1 Buck – 3/1/2022 Sired by Fairland Farm MF Cobalt

Linear Appraisal History and Scores:

2022 – 3YO – 2F- +EVE88

Lactation History, ADGA Milk Test:

Link to CDCB record, ND2040049

Year/AgeDays In MilkMilkFatProtein
2021, FF, 1-082346694028
2022, 2F, 02-082729754840

First Freshening Udder,12 hour fill:

2nd Freshening Udder,12 hour fill