Tyger River’s PH Pandora 1*M

  • ADGA Registered
  • DOB: 11/09/2016
  • Height: 20″ unofficial
  • Brown Eyes
  • Broken Buckskin, with Roaning
  • DNA on file
  • Sire: Dill’s BJ Panhandler *B
    • G-S: SG Dill’s TS Banjo +*B  (LA: +VV84) ELITE Buck
      • GG-S: Dill’s D Two-Step +*B
      • GG-D: SGCH/MCH Dill’s XM Keena 4*M (LA: EEEE91)
    • G-D: Dill’s XM Pantastic 2*M (LA: VEEE89)
      • GG-S: MI Sugarcreek TW Tunes XM *S/+*B
      • GG-D: MCH PromisedLand LD Panacea 4*D/*M
  • Dam: Cedar View Yvette
    • G-S: SG Cedar View Fabrizio +*B
      • GG-S: Little Tots Estate Bambino++*B ( Sire to SGCH Cedar View Isabella 4*M, ELITE Doe)
      • GG-D: SGCH Cori’s Fancy Dinah Belle 2*M (LA: VVEE90)
    • G-D: GCH Little Tots Estate Paeonia 1*M (LA: VVEE90)
      • GG-S: SM3Pines VJ Xone of Contention
      • GG-D: Little Tots Estate Pistacia

Extended Pedigree Link: https://www.adgagenetics.org/GoatDetail.aspx?RegNumber=D001848701

Award/Achievements History:

Breeding History:

1st Freshening – Twin Buck and Doe- 4/13/2019 Sired by Fairland Farm DM Edification

2F- 2 bucks, 2 does (1 doe DOA)- 3/6/2020 Sired by Fairland Farm MF Cobalt

3F- 2 does,1 buck (1 doe died due to malposition, hard labor) – 3/2/2021 Sired by Fairland Farm DM Edification

4F- 1 doe – 4/18/2022 Sired by Fairland Farm MF Cobalt

Lactation History, ADGA Milk Test: Link to CDCB record, ND1848701: https://queries.uscdcb.com/CF-queries/old_qs.cfm?qname=shgoat&single#/

Year/AgeDays In MilkMilkFatProtein
2019, FF, 2-051664402318
2020, 2F, 3-032276103526
2021,3F, 4-032086173525

First Freshening Udder,12 hour fill:

2nd Freshening Udder,12 hour fill:

Milked Out

3rd Freshening Udder,12 hour fill:

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