Pasture Raised Eggs for Sale

Happy, Healthy, Farm Fresh Chicken and Duck Eggs for Sale

Our ladies Free-Range across our 5 acres where they spend countless hours outdoors pursuing insects and doing anything else their hearts desire all day long from the time we open the coop door in the morning. By dining on wild grasses and bugs, our ladies are getting a whole lot more vitamins and minerals than they would on feed alone. Add in the clear benefits of the outdoor lifestyle our ladies enjoy – cleaner, less stressful, less competitive environment, plenty of fresh air and sunlight – and it’s obvious why the eggs are so much better.

Pasture-raised (real Free-Range) eggs are simply the best eggs that you can find: Laid by hens that get to spend their days outside on fresh pastures – not cooped up in small cages or huddled by the thousands in cage-free barns. The eggs are simply better in every way. They taste better. They look better. They’re better for you (don’t just take our word for it, check out this study done by Mother Earth News showing it). And the hens that lay them live happy, healthy lives as close to natural as is possible for domesticated animals.  We believe fully in the belief, “You are what you eat – and what it eats too”.

Contact me to arrange pick up or we can deliver our eggs to most places south of Nashville, TN. Once you go local – you’ll never go back!

Please read our Sales Policy / Payment Info page prior to purchase.


  • Chicken – $4.00 dozen
  • Duck – $6.00 dozen
  • Mixed – $5.00 dozen
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